Feedback Informed Treatment
Creating a Culture of Continuous Performance Improvement
Using MyOutcomes® and Feedback Informed Treatment
to create a culture of continuous
performance improvement

Dr. Moss is a certified FIT trainer who has spent the last thirty years practicing psychotherapy, as well as working as a researcher, presenter and implementation consultant. His primary focus now is using translational research and implementation science along with local adaptations to help make the transition to evidence based practices in large agencies/ organizations.


In this recently held webinar, Dr. Randy Moss explained how the use of MyOutcomes® can help therapists improve supervision, promote reflective practices and increase practitioner development.
Participants specifically learn how:

  • MyOutcomes®’ session feedback signals facilitate therapist self-evaluation
  • Data from the SRS and ORS can be used to inform and direct clinical supervision
  • Analysis of data helps practitioners discover the qualities, personal biases and gaps in understanding that might adversely affect client outcomes

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